Games in Development

View all our games in development with Unity which will be integrated into blockchain.

A Viral Series: Millions Love to Play & Watch

whack your neighbour
youtube50m Views
number of plays28m Plays
whack the burglarswhack the burglars: mobile view
number of plays32m Plays
whack the creeps
youtube25m Views
number of plays28m Plays
whack the serial killer
youtube20m Views
number of plays15,000 Units Sold
patrick with demon folk

Own Exciting Pieces of the Whack It World

Connecting our highly visual and viral games to the blockchain will allow our fans to interact with the Whack It world and characters to a level never seen before. Our greatest fans will be able to own unique and rare items and characters as "NFT's".

whack the demon survival mode

Compete Online, Win Special Items to Use & Trade

Players will get to compete for prize pools of Whack It's own NFT's in the form of items and characters with real life value. In a survival mode the top players who last the longest and gain the highest score will win cool unique items that unlock special kills in the single player game and enhance your powers in the multiplayer mode. Tokens can also be won.

Tokens are used to purchase everything from rare weapons to even one off characters from the game.